How Long Does Monopoly Take To Play? Exploring Playtime Factors

How Long Does Monopoly Take To Play

The typical playing time is between 120 and 180 minutes. The typical duration of a game with only 2 players is 45 minutes. The average Monopoly game with 3 players takes around 1 hour.

It usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes with 4 or 5 players. As the number of participants grows, the time required to complete the task also grows. 

If 6 people are playing, the game will probably run between 2 0r 2.5 hours. It is extremely difficult to win a Monopoly game with six players. The winner will not be determined until at least 5 players have been eliminated from the game. Going bankrupt as a group of 5 is a lengthy process.

Why does Monopoly take so long?

The board game of Monopoly is incredibly complex. Various house rules stipulate that the participants must contribute. With one false move, the players risk jail time and heavy penalties.

Playing Monopoly quickly is not encouraged. Unofficial rules that aren’t part of the classic game also add time to a game of Monopoly. The longer the game lasts, the more players there are. In Monopoly, there are no time constraints. Instead, it’s a strategy game where your goal should always be to come out on top.

It’s possible to play Monopoly and its Great Depression-era variants forever. More people join the game as time goes on. In a game of Monopoly, time is not an issue. Instead, it’s a strategy game you should play to win.

Factors that decide the Duration of Monopoly Game

Factors that decide the Duration of Monopoly Game

The number of participants is the first and most fundamental aspect in deciding the game’s length. The game finishes when everyone but one player has gone bankrupt.

When more people are in a game, the stakes are higher, and it lasts longer. In the era of Monopoly, rule-following is also quite important.

It takes a long time to conclude a game of Monopoly if everyone plays by the book and does everything by it. 

How to play Monopoly Game Faster?

The classic board game of Monopoly may be sped up in several ways. Let’s examine a few examples:

  •  One of the most efficient methods to play Monopoly is with well-established house rules. The game may be wrapped up in less time without any cheating or rule-breaking. The rules have been written to facilitate playing the game more readily.
  • • Play under the Short Game House Rules; these include a subset of the official Monopoly rules. The game of Monopoly may be wrapped up in about 30 minutes if you follow these guidelines. The rules for the short game simplify the standard house regulations. They were made for one purpose alone: to speed up the game when too many people were taking part. 
  • Use J. Myers’ monopoly time limit of 21 seconds as the norm. This has been covered in the past. It’s nearly hard to play the game in this way. 
  • It’s best practice to establish time limitations for the game before it begins. Several benefits result from this. If you don’t know what you’re doing, a game of Monopoly can go on for hours. If the time restriction is set to an hour, play will accelerate after that point. You can complete the game more quickly if you keep an eye on the clock.
  • The Monopoly Mega Edition is where the speed dice made its debut. However, this feature is now ubiquitous across the board. In addition to speeding up the game, this can make it easier to win.
  • If you’re pressed for time, give Monopoly Speed a shot. This 2009 edition of Monopoly is available now. In this game, players do not need to take turns; everyone participates at once. Ten minutes is all you need to wrap up a round of Monopoly fast.

Different Monopoly Versions and require time.

There are several variants of Monopoly, some of which require significantly more time to play than the original game. Take a peek at some of the most well-liked choices below.

  1. Monopoly Junior

Compared to the original Monopoly, the number of properties in Monopoly Junior is reduced. Therefore, games with only two or three players often last at least half an hour. The game may go on for another 45 minutes if additional people join.

  1. Monopoly Longest Game Ever

Playing Monopoly’s Longest Game Ever might take several hours or days. All 66 properties must be purchased for the grand prize to be awarded. There’s only one of them, and with all the rules now in place, declaring bankruptcy is trickier than it used to be.


  1. Monopoly Cheaters Edition

When all the properties in the Monopoly Cheaters Edition have been purchased, the game ends, and the players return to Go. On average, a game will take 30–45 minutes to complete.

  1. Monopoly Deal

The goal of the card game Monopoly Deal is to give players a taste of the classic board game without making them wait around for an extended period.

  1. Monopoly Builder

Between sixty to one hundred and twenty minutes is the average time spent playing Monopoly Builder. Players construct buildings with builder’s blocks, with points awarded based on the final structure’s height.

  1. Monopoly Ultimate Banking

The average Monopoly Ultimate Banking game lasts about half an hour. The banking device handles all transactions. Thus, there is no need for physical currency or traders to carry large amounts of stock, and home construction may occur even without a complete color set.

  1. Monopoly Super Mario

On average, a game of Monopoly Super Mario takes around 1 hour. To make it simpler to bankrupt your opponents, coins are used in place of Monopoly money. However, the Question Block also has the potential to grant bonus coins.

How long is Monopoly’s longest game ever?

How long is Monopoly's longest game ever

The longest game of Monopoly ever played lasted 1680 hours or 70 days of nonstop action. Some of the most famous Monopoly records include the following:

  • The world record for the longest game of Monopoly in a bathtub is 99 hours.
  • The longest game of upside-down Monopoly lasted for a whopping 36 hours.
  • The 286-hour Monopoly game played in a treehouse holds the record.

What is the shortest game of Monopoly ever played?

The shortest conceivable game of Monopoly lasts only 21 seconds. The Notre Dame professor came up with the game of Monopoly that may be won in as few as nine rolls of the dice. Dan Myers was the professor’s name.


Can you play a Monopoly game in 15 minutes?

If you’re using a traditional board game, expect a game of Monopoly to take 60–90 minutes, whereas playing on a tablet or computer will take only approximately 15–20 minutes.

What is the fastest version of Monopoly?

Playing a game of Monopoly Speed takes less than ten minutes. To avoid people waiting for their turn, all roll dice and make purchases simultaneously. Throughout four rounds, players compete to be the fastest at buying, selling, and trading real estate.

What is the smartest way to play Monopoly?

As quickly as feasible, buy as many houses as you can afford. More properties mean more rent collected, which means more money from your rivals. The easiest way to ensure victory is to amass as many properties as possible as soon as the game begins.

Final Verdict 

How long a game of Monopoly lasts depends on several variables, including the number of players, how well they know the rules, the strategies they employ, and even a little bit of luck from the dice. Depending on the number of players and the complexity of the talks and property deals, a game of Monopoly can last anywhere from a few hours to many days.

The time commitment can also be affected by how quickly or slowly participants choose to play. Thoughtful negotiating and money management may lengthen gaming, while rapid decision-making and property acquisitions might shorten the game.

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