What Does E30 Mean on A Washing Machine? Troubleshooting Guide

What Does E30 Mean on A Washing Machine

 E30 is a kind of error code. A motor or electrical component issue is often what the “E30” error code on a washing machine denotes. An overfilled water tank or a water level pressure sensor that isn’t in contact with the electronic control board are both indicated by the E30 error code. It denotes that an error code in the “thirties” range was produced due to a failure.

E30 Error on Washing Machine: Causes and Solutions

The washing machine may display the E30 error for a variety of reasons. The possible causes and the solutions are discussed below.

Potential Causes 

Motor Issues: Incorrect motor or motor control unit operation might lead to the “E30” error message on a washing machine. Problems with the motor’s internal workings or wiring and connections are other possible causes.

Electrical Problems: Errors like “E30” might be caused by electrical problems in the machine’s wiring, connectors, or power supply.

Control Board Malfunction: Error codes like E30 might occur when there is a problem with the control board, which is responsible for managing the many operations of the washing machine.

Sensor or Sensor Wiring Problems: Sensors are commonly used in washing machines to track various operational metrics. Error messages may be generated due to faulty sensors or wiring.

Steps to Resolve the E30 Error

E30 Error on Washing Machine: Causes and Solutions
  1. Check the water supply hose

If water leaks out of the hose and into the machine at the rear panel, inspect the hose’s connection to the tap and the machine. 

If this is the case, you may get the machine going again by tipping it as instructed in the “Check for laundry caught in the machine” section.

2. Check for laundry caught in the machine

Water can seep through the door if clothing gets trapped between the seal and the glass. The water will trickle down the front and collect in the bottom tray. These are the procedures to solve: 

  • To clean behind a washing machine, disconnect the hoses and switch off the power before spreading a towel on the floor.
  • Reverse the appliance until a 10 to 15 cm gap is established between the floor and the front kickboard.
  • Maintain the appliance’s position for 30 to 40 seconds to let the water in the bottom tray drain onto the towel.
  • Bring the appliance down to the ground level and reconnect the cords.
  • The water and sewer systems should be inspected.
  • Ensure the input hose and water valve filters are clean (where the hose attaches to the appliance and where water is dispensed).
  • To test if the issue has been fixed, start a wash cycle.

3. Check the door seal

A broken seal on the machine’s door might be the root of the problem. You may check by opening the door and looking at the seal.

Moreover, there shouldn’t be any breaks or holes in the seal. If the door seal is broken, a repairman must replace it. The machine should not be used until it has been fixed. Shut off the machine’s water supply.


What does E30 mean on a Logik washing machine?

Machine malfunction, trouble code 30. The error number E30 on a Logik washing machine indicates that the door switch is malfunctioning. There may be a problem with the interlock system or the door safety lock switch.

What is code e33 on the washing machine?

The problem is that there is too much detergent in the machine.

What is E40 error washing?

There is either no appliance lid or the lid is open. Examine the area between the door seal and glass to see if any washing is stuck. If you suspect the washing machine is overloaded, check it out and take out the excess clothing.

What is E3 in the washing machine?

An ‘unbalance’ cycle indicates an overflow of water or foam. At this point, the pump should have finished emptying.

What does E3 mean on a washing machine?

A E3 error message will be shown when the drainage motor is malfunctioning. If the water in the washing machine freezes because of the cold winter weather, you may also get the E3 error message.

Final Verdict 

A washing machine displaying the “E30” diagnostic code has a problem with its internal mechanics. Users and technicians can use this code as a diagnostic tool to identify problems. If you get the “E30” issue, it’s important to know what it means so you can fix it properly.

If your washing machine is giving you trouble, try following the steps outlined above. However, it is crucial to study the documentation or user manual given by the manufacturer since the meaning of an error number may vary significantly from one washing machine model to the next.

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